About Confidento
About Confidento
About Company, History & Services
Company & History
Confidento is a privately held analytics company. Over the past few years, we have conducted closed research and developed educational programs for governments and government organizations, venture capital funds, technology corporations, organizers of technological conferences, as well as for research and marketing companies in different countries.

For many years, we have been teaching our customers how to digitally transform their countries, companies and products. Now we ourselves are becoming digital and entering the open market.

We have worked with many research and consulting companies, so you are probably familiar with our analytics, data and reports from other studies.

Now we will work with you directly.

In our work, we use Augmented Intelligence, which consists of two components - artificial intelligence (AI) and the progressive brains of smart analysts and forecasters.

At the moment, we are focusing on two tasks: preparing research reports and consulting on the creation and reorganization of business accelerators. But soon we will introduce our new products to you.

We invite you to become our client, and we will justify your trust.
Our Clients
Government Organizations & Ministries
We Develop Digital Economy, Help to Transform Industries, Provide Digitalization and GovTech
Investment & Venture Capital Funds
We help to catch the emergence of new technology markets for early investment and development
Hedge & Quantum Funds
We provide additional data for building and updating investment strategies and AUM growth
Pension & Sovereign Wealth Funds
We help to Select most promising investment markets for pension funds and savings for high yield growth
Insurance Companies
We help to reduce investment risks in the dynamic and volatile economy
Family Offices, Asset Managers & Private Investors
Achieving Profits and Smart Money Management in the Short and Long Term
Industry Professionals
Market transformation knowledge, industry disruption processes, & the emergence of new industries
Business Consultants
Tools for Digital and stretegy Transformation Leaders for Organizational Change Management
Our Services
Conducting Foresights and Strategic Sessions to Build an Image of the Future
Development of Startup Accelerators, Venture Studios and Business Incubators
Integrated and Elemental Development & Improvement of the Technological Ecosystem
The Development of New Markets. Investing in Disruptive Technologies and Industries
Human Capital Development Strategies and Stimulating the Development of an Economy of Ideas
Developing cutting-edge programs and speakers relations for forums and conferences
Featured Reports
More products