About Confidento

First of all, about us

We are a project team that develops software solutions in the field of information privacy and user data protection.

Here is an interesting article on Techcrunch about one of our products and our philosophy of privacy.

private app for your iphone

Privacy in the digital world

Our lives have never been as transparent as it is now in the age of mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets, fitness trackers and smart watches track our every move and collect every piece of data they have access to.

Our Vision

We consider the loss of privacy to be one of the biggest problem in the modern world that we are eager to solve. We focus on development of new Privacy and Security products for the Global market.

Our solution

Confidento is a set of mobile and desktop applications which helps you not only to protect your device, but to make it truly private. It hides your secret messages, browser history, private photos, and secret documents. It protects you from your colleagues peeking at a message you got during an important meeting. Also, it doesn’t let social apps to publish your location unless you want it.

Make a step towards a more secure and controllable digital world with Confidento!

Some of our products

Kibo App

Geo Changer VPN


and more...